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From content + posts, to audience engagement, to events both virtual and in person, I would love to help your business tell its story and connect with your clientele, customers, audience!

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Social Media Strategy

This strategy would go over goals, types of posts, what sort of blogs your audience would be interested in, hashtags, company partnerships, contests and more!

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Social Media Posts

From creating the post itself to fit your business’s story, to verbiage, hashtags, tagging other users profiles, monitoring and engagement, posts are very important and how you curate them can either generate traffic towards you’re company, or deflect it.

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Virtual Events

Interact with your online audience, grow your presence, and build your business in the digital world

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Covid-19 Survival Kit!

Due to Covid-19, many companies are being forced to limit or close their services. This means we have to get creative in the digital world. From live sessions, to answering the public’s questions, mini courses and digital shows, get your business out there in a different way!

I can help you think of a way to keep your community you worked so hard to build in a creative new format! From virtual events to audience engaging content, the possibilities are endless! Email for inquiries!

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A blog can be anything related to your business. Utilize blogs to reflect your business to your audience

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Are you looking to throw a big party for clients, perhaps you want to throw a big grand opening

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These days, digital presence is just as important as your four walls your business operates inside of. From content, to contests, online events and keeping your public engaged, I can help you create and monitor your social media platforms. I look forward to working with you. 

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